About Jeremy Crawford

A history of crimes and cons

A practiced con man posing as an entrepreneur, Jeremy Crawford has a long history of white-collar crime. His victims included Canadian lottery winner Randall Rush, who after his $50 million win in 2015, was taken by Jeremy for nearly $5 million in phony start-up investments.

While Rush was able to seek legal recourse and recover much of his losses, the case made national news. Soon many other Crawford victims began reaching out, sharing their stories of financial and emotional devastation at Jeremy's hand. Knowing many of these people did not have the resources to pursue legal action at their disposal, Rush decided to do something about it to help ensure justice for himself as well as other victims of white-collar crime.

In an exposé commissioned by Rush, entitled Bloodsuckers: The life and cons of Jeremy and Amy Crawford and the rest of the Crawford Clan (March 3, 2020), researchers document a more than twenty-year crime-spree through hundreds of interviews victims of Crawford, his wife Amy, and the rest of his family.

Shining A light on white-collar crime

The Focus

This site provides further documentation evidencing Crawford's crimes and the court proceedings brought against him. All documents provided here are in the public record.

The Greater Mission

To find out more about the work lottery winner, Crawford victim, author and white-collar crime justice activist, Randall Rush, is doing to lead the charge against white-collar crime, visit his website: www.randall-rush.com. 


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